[LAU] PSIndustrializer 0.2.6 released

Yury Alyaev mutab0r at rambler.ru
Wed Jun 24 11:10:03 CEST 2020

Hi all,

After a long period of lethargy, with a help from Wladimir J. van der 
Laan, I have revived Power Station Industrializer, a percussion sound 
synthesizer base on physical modelling.

You can download it here: 

What is new in psindustrializer-0.2.6:

     Code upgrade for build against modern environment (autotools, 
gtk+-2, gtkglarea is replaced by gtkglext, esound is replaced by pulseaudio)

     Jack audio driver

     GUI improvements

     Config and presets files syntax is improved (read compatibility 
with old formats is preserved)

     Sound drivers can be configurable (this facility is so far 
implemented for ALSA driver)



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