[LAU] hypothetical question

Robert Vogel vogelrl at gmx.com
Sat Mar 7 20:12:05 CET 2020

Hi Jeanette,

I actually own and enjoy a Yamaha Motif ES8
which is quite versatile.

It has a lot of features, except very limited memory (somewhat
expandable but I am chicken to take it apart and install more), the USB
connector only takes very old devices, and it has a tiny LCD screen
which does a lot, but any good computer monitor would put to shame.

So, my dream is to be able to use a very basic weighted keyboard,
connected to free software that is at least as capable as the Yamaha.

Mainly, I use it as a conventional keyboard instrument with many voices,
but also playback midi files for accompaniment, so I feel like i am with
a small jazz group.

Many individual components exist in free software, the problem is to put
them together in a well designed manner.

I think Musescore would be a good start.


PS: I have done a little development that you can see at

For some unknown reason Debian would not update to an improved version
.79, so people shouldn't use the Debian version.

It can easily be compiled from Sourceforge.

On 3/7/20 9:28 AM, Jeanette C. wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> what exactly would you like to do with your keyboard? Play software
> synthesizers and tweak their parameters? Create good scores for sheet
> music or complex arrangements? Control parts of your audio production
> like plugin parameters and transport control?
> Best wishes,
> Jeanette
> Mar 7 2020, Robert Vogel has written:
>> Suppose I have a basic midi controller keyboard, like this
>> one:https://www.alesis.com/products/view/q88
>> <https://www.alesis.com/products/view/q88>
>> and I would like to configure it to use the best available free
>> software.
>> What components would you recommend ?
>> Why not Musescore <https://musescore.org/en/development> ? Would it need
>> modification ?
>> Anything better than that ?
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