[LAU] pajackconnect v1.0 released

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Mon Mar 23 18:46:20 CET 2020

what's the advantage over installing pulseaudio-module-jack and are the 
two exclusive, so that if this script is used one should remove 


On 23.03.20 13:29, Hermann Meyer wrote:
> I just noticed to day that I never have done a proper release for
> pajackconnect.
> I use it since 3 years every day, mostly without notice it at all.
> Today I receive a contribution which fix some (small, but well worth to
> fix) issues, that reminds me
> to go and make a release.
> https://github.com/brummer10/pajackconnect/releases/tag/v1.0
>  From the README:
>> Make JACK Work With PulseAudio
>> This script is intended to be invoked via QjackCtl to start up and
>> shut down JACK on a system running PulseAudio. It handles the
>> necessary setup to make the two work together, so PulseAudio clients
>> get transparently routed through JACK while the latter is running, or
>> if pulseaudio is suspend by pasuspender, do nothing
>> Usage: in QjackCtl’s Settings window, in the “Options” tab, enter the
>> command
>> pajackconnect start &
>> in the field labelled “Execute script after Startup”, and put
>> pajackconnect stop &
>> in the field labelled “Execute script on Shutdown”.
>> pajackconnect reset &
>> in the field labelled “Execute script after Shutdown”.
>> for use jack without pulseaudio, add in Qjackctl setting window in the
>> serverpath field 'pasuspender -- ' before 'jackd', save settings as
>> "No Pulse" for example. Remove 'pasuspender -- ', and save settings as
>> 'Pulse'. Now you can select from the Qjackctl setting window, if you
>> would start jack with or without pulse.
>> To make it work after suspend, the file resume-fix-pulseaudio.service
>> needs to be installed and enabled. If you use the debian package, the
>> package installer handle that for you.
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