[LAU] Ambisonics for newbies - ambdec

Mitsch riotsound at riotmusic.de
Tue Mar 24 02:28:47 CET 2020


I tried to configure an Ardour session to make a simple ambisonics environment with just 4 speakers - FL, FR, RL, RR.

Following instructions from https://community.ardour.org/ambisonics, I added one mono track, bypassed the builtin panners and took (I think it was) "AMB 1.1 mono panner" (couldn't find "1h1v"), added 2 additional channels in "Master" to get 4 of them and let my mono channel take the "Master" as an output.

Then I started ambdec and tried to make some sane connections, but the inputs are not called "w", "x" and "y", but only "0", "1", "2", and so on

"man ambdec" didn't help.
/usr/share/doc/ambdec didn't help.
An old manual (for ambdec 0.4.2 - I use 0.7.1, or so) from Fons' kokkinizita-page at linuxaudio.org didn't help.

So, I hope anyone at the linux audio user mailing list can jump in


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