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Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Tue Mar 24 08:04:20 CET 2020

Mar 24 2020, Mitsch has written:

> Hi!
> I tried to configure an Ardour session to make a simple ambisonics environment with just 4 speakers - FL, FR, RL, RR.
A constellation of four speakers, like yours, is called quadrophonic.
Yes, first oder ambisonics also has four channels, known as W, X, Y and
Z. But these don't mark speakers, they mark pressure (overall loudness)
and three directions.

And so what ambdec does is decode one of the ambisonic formats into a
particular speaker setup.

> Following instructions from https://community.ardour.org/ambisonics, I added one mono track, bypassed the builtin panners and took (I think it was) "AMB 1.1 mono panner" (couldn't find "1h1v"), added 2 additional channels in "Master" to get 4 of them and let my mono channel take the "Master" as an output.
Again for clarity: there is a LADSPA plugin - also by Fons - called "AMB
order 1,1 mono panner", which will do and is probably what you have
used? This should be part of your distributions amb-plugins package. It
will produce the proper W, X, Y and Z from a mono source.

> Then I started ambdec and tried to make some sane connections, but the inputs are not called "w", "x" and "y", but only "0", "1", "2", and so on?
As far as I can see, that's OK. Connect your four outputs to the first
four inputs of ambdec. I have tried it with a few presets and as far as
I can tell, it always shows all 16 inputs, which should be needed for
full 3rd order ambisonics.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,


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