[LAU] Getting Rhythmbox to Appear in qjackctl

Brent Busby brent at keycorner.org
Wed May 20 20:35:14 CEST 2020

Samir Parikh <spython01 at gmail.com> writes:

> How do I get Rhythmbox (GNOME application similar to iTunes) to appear
> in qjackctl?

I've found that generally only Jack applications that are made for
musicians and producers present themselves as Jack clients all the time
when the application is running.  Most audio and video players for
normal listener/viewer use seem to present an interface to Jack only
when they're actually playing a file, and will disappear from Jack's
view the rest of the time, even if the program is still there.

QJackCtl has a nice way to handle this though.  Just watch QJackCtl's
Connections window while Rhythmbox is actually playing something, and
find out what name it calls itself to Jack while it's actually playing
an audio file, then go to QJackCtl's Patchbay window and setup a rule
that will automatically route connections from that Jack client to
wherever you'd like it to go, whenever it's seen.  Click the Activate
button, and QJackCtl will always silently watch for a Jack client by
that name to appear, and will route it immediately whenever it does.
Also, more annoyingly, some programs like this will even present names
to Jack that may vary in some way every time they appear.  Fortunately,
QJackCtl's "Client" field in the window where you edit your connection
rules accepts regex in the name, so if there is even so much as a common
string that always appears in the Jack-visible name of the program
you're trying to capture a connection to, QJackCtl can use regex to help
you make a rule that will work with that.

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