[LAU] Getting Rhythmbox to Appear in qjackctl

Max abonnements at revolwear.com
Wed May 20 22:07:35 CEST 2020

If you are fine with not using Rhythmbox, try Strawberry [1](a fork of 
Clementine [2](inspired by Amarok [3])).

In the settings select "Backend". Set Engine to "GStreamer" and Output 
to "Output to a JACK server". It will show up in the Graph of QJackctl 
as it's own node and you can route it as you wish.

[1] https://www.strawberrymusicplayer.org/
[2] https://clementine-player.org
[3] https://amarok.kde.org/

On 20.05.20 19:03, Samir Parikh wrote:
> Hi Everyone, I'm back!
> How do I get Rhythmbox (GNOME application similar to iTunes) to appear 
> in qjackctl?
> To recap:  I'm trying to take the output of music playing from Rhythmbox 
> and combine that with my microphone (either onboard laptop or bluetooth 
> headset) to pipe both into the Jitsi Meet videoconference service[1]. 
> Thanks again to everyone who has been helping me thus far.  Based on the 
> feedback I received, I'm going to try to solve my issue using JACK.
> Over the past few days, I have been doing more research, reading wiki 
> pages and watching YouTube videos to become more familiar with JACK and 
> the various tools.  Thus far, I have:
> - installed qjackctl and its dependencies on Ubuntu 16.04
> - updated /etc/security/limits.conf with:
>    @audio           -       rtprio          95
>    @audio           -       memlock         unlimited
>    per these instructions[2]
> - added my userid to the audio group
> - installed pulseaudio-module-jack
> - installed gstreamer1.0-plugins.bad
> - I have NOT installed the low latency kernel
> I can now start the JACK server without any XRUNS after changing my 
> Output and Input devices to hw:PCH but I can't get Rhythmbox to appear 
> under "Readable Clients/Output Port" in the Connections window in 
> qjackctl.  I'm struggling to figure out how to set these GStreamer 
> values[3] assuming that this is even the solution to my problem.
> Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Samir
> [1] 
> https://lists.linuxaudio.org/archives/linux-audio-user/2020-May/113035.html
> [2] https://jackaudio.org/faq/linux_rt_config.html
> [3] https://jackaudio.org/faq/gstreamer_via_jack.html
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