[LAU] Sysex with Jack MIDI

Tim E. Real termtech at rogers.com
Wed Nov 4 05:31:38 CET 2020

Tested MusE with Jack 1.9.14:

Successfully sent a 1536 byte sysex from one MusE instance to another.

Has Jack midi sysex length finally improved? Yay!

It sure didn't seem to be working years ago when I did the MusE sysex stuff.



MusE sequencer project.

On 11/2/20 6:25 PM, Alexandre DENIS wrote:
> Hi,
> I try to understand why sysex go through jack MIDI sometimes, and
> sometimes they are lost. I am aware that jack has a limit for the
> maximum message size per period, but I am playing with program dump of
> my Nordlead which are only 139 bytes -- definitely not huge.
> I am running jackdbus with a2jmidid, through Catia. My system is Debian
> + kxstudio.
> When I try an application with native jack MIDI, such as Reaper (with
> jack backend) or MuSE, I can record sysex successfully, but when I play
> it, it never reaches the hardware.
> With applications using ALSA sequencer (tested with qtractor and
> Rosegarden), I can record and play successfully sysex using ALSA.
> However, I cannot record nor play sysex when connecting jack MIDI ports
> instead (jack MIDI wrapper ports from a2jmidid).
> Is this the expected behavior? Are we stuck with ALSA when we are
> dealing with sysex messages?
> Bonus question: is it possible to be warned when jack is dropping sysex
> messages?
> Thanks!
> -a.
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