[LAU] Sysexy 0.8.6 released

Brent Busby brent at keycorner.org
Thu Nov 12 21:37:16 CET 2020

Sysexy MIDI Librarian :
the sexy sysex librarian that Linux needs

Version 0.8.6, November 2020:
{ "Disease and Injustice" }

Sysexy MIDI Librarian is a lightweight, unobtrusive graphical sysex
utility with a lot of features for dealing with idiosyncratic gear
that doesn't play nice with more generic utilities.

Download:       https://sourceforge.net/projects/sysexy/


* Gear attribute database, to teach Sysexy to talk to odd machines.

* Still talks to gear not in database as "generic."

* Config file stores per synth settings for port, channel, preferred
  transmit speed, verify retries, etc.

* Recognizes dumps from known synths by size and header, regardless of
  filename on disk.

* Per synth setting for verify retries, for individual synths you may
  have unreliable communications with.  Sysexy can try very hard to
  send and receive dumps without corruption.

* "Pseudobank" feature for synths that don't have a bank dump feature...
  to make them dump whole patch banks anyway.

* GUI gear database editor, so you can enter sysex attributes for gear
  Sysexy doesn't ship with support for without editing config files.

* Handling of various ad hoc extensions that MIDI gear manufacturers
  have concocted -- embedded MIDI channels inside the dump, embedded
  patch/program numbers, even CC commands prefixed before the dump.
  Now you can do sysex dumps from that piece of gear you have that
  won't talk to anything that wasn't taylor made for it.

* And a lot more (see the manual...).

This is Sysexy's first release.  If you find bugs, I won't be shocked,
so let me know.  Also, if you have MIDI specifications for a piece of
gear you'd like Sysexy to support out of the box, that's good too.
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