[LAU] [Music] Melodei nach zweyerley Maniere

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Mon Nov 16 17:39:16 CET 2020

Something a little bit different from me this time.

No synths, no MIDI, just a tin whistle, a low whistle, a mandolin and
other assorted instruments and gadgets I have lying around at home.

Recorded on Linux, of course, using Ardour 6, a Scarlett 6i6 interface
and a Rode NT-1A microphone.


This is my submission for for the Mittelalternativ.de [1] October 2020
challenge. The task was to create an interpretation and/or adaption of a
melody provided by the challenge's host Nils Hilbricht in a "medieval"
style (whatever that means to you).

My piece is rather short, so give it a listen and maybe you'll

Share & Enjoy!


[1] https://mittelalternativ.de/challenge-2020-10/

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