[LAU] New Debian install and usb device

Mac macdroid53 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 2 15:17:26 CEST 2020

As I said, it works fine in UbuntuStudio. lsusb shows it as an allen&heath,

But, on this debian box it shows up as a ZED in Qjackctl. (lsusb show the
same hex ID as on the Ubunut box, but no manufacturer string) But,
selecting it a starting jack results in 2 system captures and 2 system
playbacks shown in the Qjack Connections window. But, there is no audio,
for example with a mic plugged into the mixer and the capture routed to

On Wed, Sep 2, 2020 at 9:02 AM Edgar Aichinger <edogawa at aon.at> wrote:

> Am Mittwoch, 2. September 2020, 14:43:18 CEST schrieb Mac:
> > I have installed a fresh Debian 10 and I have Qjackctl installed.
> >
> > Qjackctl shows the ZEDi8 (though lsusb does not see it as a ZED, I think
> is
> > does on Ubuntu...)
> >
> > But, I can't seem to get the config to actually get audio from the ZED,
> it
> > appears to be using the onboard sound.
> >
> > My web searches have not provided any help...
> >
> I don't know the ZEDi8, but I own an older and bigger ZED18 mixer, which
> also provides a 2x2 USB interface. This never gave me any problem in any OS
> or linux distro. It's hotpluggable/always detected by ALSA's USB Audio
> Driver, and registers as hw:CODEC. lsusb shows it as some sort of Texas
> Instrument audio interface, IIRC.
> The data sheet for the ZEDi8 tells that the interface is USB 2.0
> compliant, so in theory it should just work without additional drivers.
> Hope that helps...
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