[LAU] Noise generation plugin recommendations?

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Sun Sep 6 23:26:58 CEST 2020

Sep 6 2020, Nikhil Nair has written:

> Hi,
> I'm looking for Ecasound-compatible plugins (e.g. LADSPA or non-GUI LV2)
> that do various types of noise generation.
Since I am quite sure you can't control effects parameters of other
Ecasound chain operators (effects) with LADSPA or LV2 effect, I will
assume that you'd like these noise generator to produce audio.

I can't suggest a plugin that will do what you need, but there are a few
synthesizers that can. If the commandline is a requirement, there is
still a choice to generate different types of noise and noise-based
sounds. Yoshimi offers interesting possibilities. So would synth
languages like Csound or SuperCollider with quite powerful and varied
modules to produce different sorts of noise.

Should you need a random S&H to control other Ecasound effect parameters
the -km (MIDI control) switch with some clever MIDI generator might be
helpful. There are even quite high-level MIDI programming/scripting
packages for all kinds of languages offering rather simple interfaces to
quickly hack something useful. I know of packages for Python, Perl, c,
c++ and - I think - LUA. Again a program like Csound could also be used
to generate the necessary controller data.

Is any of that helpful? If not, perhaps a use-case scenario with
requirements and limitations of the system or your work environment
might help to approach a feasible soltuion.

Best wishes,


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