[LAU] Need MIDI keyboard for Zoom Class

Christopher Arndt chris at chrisarndt.de
Wed Sep 23 14:53:43 CEST 2020

Am 23.09.20 um 05:43 schrieb david:
> On 9/20/20 3:47 AM, Christopher Arndt wrote:
>> The author of Cadence itself does recommend not using it anymore and
>> there is a stripped down replacement in the pipeline.
> That's sad. I tried various ways to get JACK and PulseAudio to cooperate
> with each other, and was only able to get it set up using Cadence.

a) There will be stripped down version of Cadecne coming hopefully at
the end of this year. I don't know whether the JACK / Pulseaudio setup
part will remain the same.

b) You *can* use Cadence, just be aware that the Pulseaudio config it
creates and uses may not be the same as when you run Pulseaudio by other

>> because, once configured, you just start JACK (jackdbus) via your
>> preferred method (jack_control, qjackctl, jack-select, etc.) and
>> everything else happens automatically (i.e. Pulseaudio relinquishes
>> access to the audio device and the Pulseaudio-JACK bridge is set up and
>> it's ports are connected).
> My preference is to set the audio device in JACK and make PulseAudio use
> JACK. 
The setup I describe works the same, only it doesn't matter whether
Pulseaudio hat grabbed the audio device before JACK started.

This way, Pulseaudio clients, i.e. your browser, can use your audio
device via Pulseaudio while JACK is not running and Pulseaudio will
access the device directly, but when JACK is started, Pulsesaudio will
be routed to JACK. Normally, the even an already playing audio stream
switches seamlessly from the Pulseaudio audio sink for the device to the
new Pulseaudio JACK sink when JAKC is started.


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