[LAU] Need MIDI keyboard for Zoom Class

Ken Dawson dawsonwu at rahul.net
Wed Sep 23 23:36:03 CEST 2020

On 9/23/20 05:53, Christopher Arndt wrote:
> Am 23.09.20 um 05:43 schrieb david:
>> On 9/20/20 3:47 AM, Christopher Arndt wrote:
>>> The author of Cadence itself does recommend not using it anymore and
>>> there is a stripped down replacement in the pipeline.
>> That's sad. I tried various ways to get JACK and PulseAudio to cooperate
>> with each other, and was only able to get it set up using Cadence.
> a) There will be stripped down version of Cadecne coming hopefully at
> the end of this year. I don't know whether the JACK / Pulseaudio setup
> part will remain the same.
> b) You *can* use Cadence, just be aware that the Pulseaudio config it
> creates and uses may not be the same as when you run Pulseaudio by other
> means.
>>> because, once configured, you just start JACK (jackdbus) via your
>>> preferred method (jack_control, qjackctl, jack-select, etc.) and
>>> everything else happens automatically (i.e. Pulseaudio relinquishes
>>> access to the audio device and the Pulseaudio-JACK bridge is set up and
>>> it's ports are connected).
>> My preference is to set the audio device in JACK and make PulseAudio use
>> JACK. 
> The setup I describe works the same, only it doesn't matter whether
> Pulseaudio hat grabbed the audio device before JACK started.
> This way, Pulseaudio clients, i.e. your browser, can use your audio
> device via Pulseaudio while JACK is not running and Pulseaudio will
> access the device directly, but when JACK is started, Pulsesaudio will
> be routed to JACK. Normally, the even an already playing audio stream
> switches seamlessly from the Pulseaudio audio sink for the device to the
> new Pulseaudio JACK sink when JAKC is started.

Radhat/Fedora has a project named pipewire being developed to serve a
purpose similar to PulseAudio, except for both sound and video. I believe
the intend to bundle it in Fedora 33. I believe it intends to be less um,
cumbersome, than Pulse at working with Jack. https://pipewire.org/


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