[LAU] MIDI Sequencer

Bengt Gördén bengan at bag.org
Fri Apr 9 17:49:44 CEST 2021

On 2021-04-09 16:16, Will Godfrey wrote:
> Can anyone suggest a really simple MIDI sequencer, with no extra bells and
> whistles, but just Alsa MIDI in, Alsa MIDI out, with piano roll type editing and
> at least 16 tracks. Ideally, storage would also be standard MIDI files.

Apart from what's already been said there is midieditor and sequencer64. 
Sequncer64 is a (according to the dev) major reboot seq24. Midieditor seems to 
fit the bill quite nicely. No frills, open/save midi files, pianoroll edit, alsa.




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