[LAU] [music] The frozen alone (acoustic song/ballad)

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Tue Apr 13 21:26:11 CEST 2021

Hey hey Brandon!
Thanks for the compliments. The solo is my Behringer Neutron.

The rest of this mail will be about my "song writing".
Apr 13 2021, Brandon Hale has written:
> I would like to 
> hear more about your song writing process, especially with how it 
> relates to your Linux workflow!
I will try to give an overview, if something in particular arouses your
interest, feel free to task, either on or off-list.

My song writing as such is usually quite naive and in the moment. In
this case, I tried the ShinyGuitar and the first chrods came to me and
one or two lines of the lyrics. Well, the inception happens that way.

Then I usually quickly construct a song, hear it in my mind. I take that
as a commitment. So there is a lot of linear thinking. My Linux
environment is rather linear. My DAW certaqinly is, in the MIDI
sequencer I sort of emulate a more loop or clip based workflow.

Put together my being a keyboardist in a small village (when I began),
not having many friends close by and starting out with a rather
non-realtime environment: I became a very studio oriented person, not
much for live jamming, recording sessions.

Since Linux is such an integral part of my workflow, I gravitate towards
things that I can do. Sometimes I feel challenged by certain techniques
or styles, then I'll attempt to mimic them. I usually don't try big
orchestral (no up-to-date orchestras). What we have is improving and the
things I know are free! But compare them to real instruments or
commercial libraries... I also got bad feedback on my few orchestral
efforts, to some extent due to my shortcomings, but a typical phrase is:
sorry I can't listen to that plastic in-the-box stuff for long.

So I try to play to my strengths both in sound and style. No orchestra
and, normally, no other difficult acoustic instruments, no non-linear,
clip-based stuff, no sample slicing and dicing or stutter-edit like
effects. And still I go into recording a song with a very strong idea of
what it will be. Imagining something, even during the production, until
I can realise them properly. Pro: quick production, working towards a
definite result. Sometimes even developing new tricks to achieve the
song in my head. Cons: not going with the flow so much, not letting an
idea lead from that stage, bad/no adaptation towards change.

In Csound it's different. OK, no GUI, but many Csounders work without
one. Well, they certainly used to. :) There it's a question of style,
genre, skill and school of thought or approach. I'm sure, with your CLM
experience, you can easily sympathise. :)

Best wishes and thanks again,


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