[LAU] [music] The frozen alone (acoustic song/ballad)

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Wed Apr 14 08:49:45 CEST 2021

Apr 14 2021, Brandon Hale has written:
> Are there many things that you feel like you can't do so easily on Linux?
In my environment (commandline): there are a few. When it comes to
really modern genres that might be true more generally speaking, unless
you get access to some commercial plugins, since certain plugins are
taken to define certain genres or production style. Other things are
possible, but completely lacking flow in my system. Dubstep is one of
those. I think I'd like to employ more dubstep elements sometimes, but
it's too much hassle. :)
> As far as orchestral 
> sounds, the one I use is the free Sonatina orchestra.
I have used that, and most likely will sometimes in the future, there is
also the Virtual Player Orchestra now (VPO), which is a combination of
the SSO and others with more and more consistent live control. They have
an Ardour template on their website. :)
Still, even with some good reverb and layering, it has a limited scope
for full orchestral pieces. There are some instances where it sounds
sublime, but you have to find them and then let your music be guided by
them. I'd like to emphasize again that this is not bashing the Sonatina
or virtual player libraries, they are completely free and they cover a
classical orchestra, which in itself is amazing! And it should not be
compared to free downscaled versions of current commercial libraries
either, because even those rely on the massive amount of time, work and
money invested in the full versions.

As for cheating: there's no way for me to load VST plugins, but I do use
my hardware, which has the added - and important(!) - bonus of having
completely accessible and alive controls.

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