[LAU] Open Sound Control: Is it still a thing?

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On Mon, Apr 26, 2021 at 9:22 PM worik <root at worik.org> wrote:

> Vaguely Linux Audio related
> Is Open Sound Control still a thing?  Was it ever?
> I am shopping for a mixer, I am a bit worried that the digital controls
> are a bit too propitiatory.  I do not want to get orphaned by a firm
> going out of business and letting its iPad App rot.  OSC looks like a
> solution, but it does not seem to be implemented by many vendors
> I am hoping that eventually the mixer will be controllable by the
> software I am building around a Raspberry Pi
> Worik
I am deep into OSC right now for my "live in the studio" video workflow
using LTC, executing oscsend via jltctrigger. I already have a Speck
Xtramix Mixer and Zoom F8 recorder: my interest in OSC is in controlling
hardware sequencers and sampler playback on LTC timestamps. Ardour has
excellent OSC support though my cup of tea is hardware.

For my purposes the alternative to OSC is MTC and the Tascam 16 mixer
supports it. The Joeco blackbox recorder supports MTC. Yet my midi hardware
requires a continuous midi clock, not MTC or MMC. Software tends to be the
reverse: supports MTC and MMC but so far I have been unable to slave a
Linux sequencer to midi clock and sync its BPM to it like my Genoqs Octopus

So far unsuccessfully I have been trying to generate a midi clock on Linux
from the jack_midi_clock project. So I am looking into OSC supported
hardware that can generate a continuous midi clock with start/stop.

The Monome Norns can almost do what I need, it seems to be able to control
everything but its midi.

The PedalinoMini is DIY and I am looking into it. Failing that, I will
shrug and buy a Step Audio stomp pedal that can start/stop midi clock.

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