[LAU] Why is Jack so slow?

worik root at worik.org
Wed Aug 4 08:53:31 CEST 2021

On 4/08/21 5:16 pm, Paul Davis wrote:
> THere's nowhere near enough information to comment constructively.

What I need to know, from someone who has done it, is 200ms in the ball
park of as fast as Jack can go, or is it worth optimising?

If some one out there has experience using the Jack API, I would love an
answer to that question.

> 1) which version of JACK
$ jackd

jackdmp version 1.9.12 tmpdir /dev/shm protocol 8
> 2) what settings is JACK running with?

I am using whatever defaults the patchbox distribution uses, I believe. 
I am unsure how to get jack to dump its settings

/usr/bin/jackd -t 2000 -R -P 95 -d alsa -d hw:pisound -r 48000 -p 128 -n
2 -X seq -s -S

> 3) what claims does the JACK "crate" make? there is no "approved" Rust
> binding for the JACK API at this point in time....
It is a wrapper around the C API.  I have looked inside, and that is
what it looks like to me. 
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