[LAU] Multi-channel (3 or more) audio playback with alsaplayer

David Kastrup dak at gnu.org
Tue Dec 14 13:38:51 CET 2021

Kamil Adiloglu <kamil.adiloglu at gmail.com> writes:

> Dear group,
> I would like to use alsaplayer via jack to play 3-channel audio
> files. These audio files will be routed into a real-time capable
> signal processing platform the open master hearing aid
> (openMHA). However, I cannot route the third channel to jack. I try to
> start alsaplayer as a daemon with the following command
> alsaplayer -i daemon -s PHL -o jack -d MHA:in_1,MHA:in_2,MHA:in_3 -F 16000
> However alsaplayer returns and error saying 
> cannot connect output port 2 (MHA:in_2,MHA:in_3)
> Actually MHA:in_2 should be the output port 2 and MHA:in_3 is ment to
> be the output port 3.

The current manual page at

does not suggest that more than 2 channels are a thing with alsaplayer.
It even has separate options for specifying the left and the right
channel in its configuration file.

You can try logic by analogy (as you did with your command line option)
and set a jack.output3 option in ~/.alsaplayer/config but I would be
very very much surprised if this option were recognised or even heeded.

Try a feature request.

David Kastrup

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