[LAU] Need some Ideas for a streaming helper ...

nik at parkellipsen.de nik at parkellipsen.de
Tue Feb 16 19:16:02 CET 2021


So, i recently started streaming a lecture. The institution uses Discord 
as a platform.

Using a strange mix of PulseAudio and JACK, i managed to get a configuration 
running where I could stream my voice and the media from my slides (slides 
were presented using chromium). 

The problem is that discord seems to have some form of compression/auto-gain
that can't be turned off ... so to hear the sound from the videos (the quieter
parts especially) I had to crank them way up. But then, my voice was suddenly 
way to low in volume. 

So, my idea would be to have a mixer in JACK that allows me to mix my voice and 
the streaming audio before it goes into discord (via the PulseAudio JACK Source),
and in addition allows me to put a compressor on the mix so that the streaming 
audio and my voice will be at a good level. 

Does anybody have a hint what could be a good tool here ?


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