[LAU] [RFC] A “poor man’s”, yet professional level studio setup

Andrew Luke Nesbit email at andrewnesbit.org
Mon Feb 22 20:34:56 CET 2021

On 22/02/2021 18:37, Paul Davis wrote:
> Get a powerful desktop system. Run everything on one machine.
> Yes, there are Rack patches that will eat even a Ryzen ThreadRipper, but
> for the most part a powerful, large multicore system these days will run
> everything you want on a single machine.

Pardon me for jumping in late to this thread.

I am waiting for Milan, which shouldn't be far off.  I intend to build a
workstation based on this generation of AMD Zen.

It probably doesn't quality as a "poor person's machine according to the
subject however".  On the other hand, I do believe that it should be a
good basis for a professional level setup, if I've read the specs right.

Does anybody have any thoughts about this?


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