[LAU] OT: Advice on Linux-compatible printers

Bill Purvis bill at billp.org
Wed Jun 23 19:04:22 CEST 2021

On 23/06/2021 08:39, david wrote:
> Good evening!
> I have a Brother HL-L2300D. It claims to be able to do 600 or 1200dpi, 
> but all attempts at printing to it using those resolutions fail (the 
> printer light just blinks awhile but nothing prints). Other 
> limitations of the printer: the driver is 32-bit only and doesn't work 
> on my 64-bit system, even with 32-bit support installed. (Also, the 
> Brother printer drivers offered for it are ancient.)
I 'bought' a Brother MFC J5910DW combination scanner/printer/fax - it 
came free if you bought
a few ink cartridges. I downloaded the drivers from the Brother website 
and installed them and
have been more than happy with the results. It can handle A3 as well as 
A5,A5, thought the scanner
only takes A4. I had it for quite a few years now, and it's been no 
problem other than waking me up
if I'm nodding off around lunchtime, as it does a little cleaning about 
then. I've worked my
way through a good few cartridges since then, but I've done a lot of 
printing so I don't think
it's excessive.


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