[LAU] [music] Rebecca auf dem Trekka

Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Mon Mar 1 16:16:57 CET 2021

Mar 1 2021, Brandon Hale has written:

> Overall, this track needs more symphonic hits. ;)
> I think you should really pump that bass drum! Make it shake the whole 
> mix, or duck the other tracks a little bit every time it hits to give it 
> more energy.
Agreed. Alas, my DAW can't properly route sidechains, so that process is
offensively long and breaking the flow. I have begun to work around it -
a bit - with an LFO on the volume of some tracks. I didn't want to go
too pumping with this though, not to damage the nostalgic effect. :)

Thanks for the groovy feedback, this is very pleasing to hear and I'll
share it with Rebecca.

Best wishes,


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