[LAU] online calls with decent auido for music lessons

Brandon Hale bthaleproductions at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 18:26:47 CET 2021

I have setup Jamulus servers at my institution, and I think it is one of 
the best for users of all operating systems. It is simple to setup and 
get running, and has features like automatic recording of sessions (it 
creates a DAW project file with stems!) It also gives users control of 
personal mixes, which is a unique feature. It has decently low latency 
and doesn't do any audio ducking like zoom does. Just make sure users 
use headphones so they don't feedback. I have even gotten good results 
on wifi (believe it or not)! Not to mention, it is easy to compile on 
servers that don't have the recent version in their repo.

It doesn't have video, but can be combined with something like zoom. 
That is complicated, and doesn't work well with Windows, since Jamulus 
needs Asio, and that takes over all audio on the system. I don't know 
how zoom reacts to that, but that may take some additional testing with 
Windows users.

With Jamulus, you can setup private and public servers. It is like an 
internet chat room for audio where users can find a room and join.

Let me know if anything of what I typed interests you and I can gladly 
talk to you about it more. The university I work at has been using it 
now for about a year, and I used to do weekly jam sessions on it.

Brandon Hale

On 3/15/21 11:46 AM, Jeanette C. wrote:
> Mar 15 2021, Lorenzo Sutton has written:
>> Hi LAU,
>> As we're entering a 'tighter' lock-down in my area this week I will 
>> need to attend online music lessons (bass). 
> ...
> There is jamulus, which I believe is cross platform, but you have to
> install a program. A friend of mine mostly teaches with Zoom, though
> she's on mac for that and no idea what her students are using. :) I
> can't think of any other free browser based tools.
> Yesterday I heard of something called clean speech or cleaned speech,
> intended for interviews, so no idea about latency and quality for
> instruments.
> HTH.
> Best wishes,
> Jeanette

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