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> >> Vaguely Linux Audio related
> >>
> >> Is Open Sound Control still a thing?  Was it ever?
> I realise I put a silly subject on my email, so I changed it.
> I need to get a mixer, primarily  for mixing live bands.  At least
> sixteen inputs, preferably more, into stereo or more channels.

No need for inserts or aux sends I suppose for your workflow. For my "live
in the studio" video
workflow for a trio, I record every channel with compression and effects,
then hand over the wav file to a mastering engineer. The Speck Xtramix V6
is new and has 20 stereo channels but is expensive and has no digital

You can see my work in action here.


> I would like to have a interface to it from a tablet and less
> importantly I would like wider options for controlling it over some sort
> of IP network (TCP/IP probably).  There are a lot of nice products
> available, but it is hard for me to tell if the software and protocols
> are ones I can use from my own software.   I feel a bit like a babe in
> the woods!
> I am price sensitive, and I am not the only decision maker.  It is hard
> to make non technical people see the danger in a piece of equipment
> whose main control is a app on a iPad.  I want to be using it in five
> and fifteen years from now.  We will look after it.
> My problem is identifying hardware that meets what seem like  peculiar
> requirements to others.  Decision criteria.

I suggest deciding what you want to accomplish with a mixer - Live sound or
post production. A lot of what you are
asking about makes sense only in post, and often only a mastering engineer.


> The background is we have a set of amplifiers we use for community gigs
> here in Ōtepoti, New Zealand.  The missing piece is a decent mixer.
> In this thread there have been some interesting things, a bit
> overwhelming...
> * Dante

This is used to connect gear over long distances, other rooms etc - up to
100 meters. It is a proprietary protocol that started about 20 years ago.

> * I am a beginner but I think MIDI and OSC are for different things

Some parts of MIDI can be accomplished by OSC, for example Midi Machine
Control of start/stop in Ardour can be also done with oscsend. My uses of
OSC are more for machine control, not for music note and timing info and
TBH I prefer control voltage instead of midi due to its simplicity,
flexibility and lack of latency.

My primary motivation in Linux audio is automation during live performances
using LTC timestamps - but that is a rabbit hole I don't recommend.

> * LTC

LTC is the core of my workflow but only makes sense if you are doing video.
It's perhaps the oldest audio standard - invented in the 60's. It's simply
an audio signal with square waves that defines a 24 hour period timestamp.
It's well supported in open source. Budget gear like Zoom have embraced it,
so I feel I am on safe ground going forward.

> * MTC

LTC encoded as MIDI. Some people use it in post production for overdubs.
DAW's support it. The whole MPC drum machine line supports it to varying
degrees. The Tascam 16 mixer supports it.

> * MMC

Some midi devices such as external sequencers require midi clock to
start/stop, while instead most DAW's use MMC.

> * OSC in JSON

Not sure who supports this together in open source besides the Behringer
Wing. JSON is an open format that largely superseded XML and is used over
networks. OSC is used over udp.

> * "Rendering Engine" - Sara/DS100.  Not sure what this is...  Looks like
> more than we need, opening up possibilities we have not thought of
Never heard of it.

* Monome Norns, PedalinoMini, Step Audio, Lawo,

You need to code in Lua to get the most out of Monome Norns, it's more of
an open source synth and effects engine. PedalinoMini is a DIY project that
combines OSC and midi. Step Audio is a pedal company that sends most midi
features - my fallback plan in case Linux audio hits a snag for me. I am
not familiar with Lawo.


> Awesome!
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