[LAU] Audio Drop-outs and JACK Errors - Seeking Assistance

Chris Caudle 6807.chris at pop.powweb.com
Wed May 12 17:07:10 CEST 2021

Sorry, originally meant to send this to the list, I think I accidentally
sent directly to David the first time.

On Tue, May 11, 2021 8:26 am, David Klann wrote:
> I start jackd (as Linux user 'root') with the command:

Presumably that is because Rivendell services are running as root.  I
understand you can't do anything about the Rivendell design, but that is
not the recommended approach, if you look at any modern linux system the
system services are not running as root as a security precaution,
especially any network facing services.

> /usr/bin/jackd --realtime --name default -d dummy -r 48000
> And then add the Digigram client with the command:
> /usr/bin/jack_load -i "-d alsa -d hw:0,0 -i 64 -o 64 -r 48000 -p 1024 -n
> 2" Digigram audioadapter

Why are you running jackd with the dummy backend and accessing the
Digigram card with audioadapter?  Why not run jackd with the ALSA backend
and access the card directly?

As an aside, I have not looked at the 1.9.18 update for jackd, is
audioadapter the internal client version of zita-a2j?  I know jackd v1 had
that for a long time, but I believe 1.9.18 is the first jackd v2 version
which has that feature.

Chris Caudle

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