[LAU] Running Decent Sampler: segmentation fault

Jonathan E. Brickman jeb at ponderworthy.com
Thu Nov 25 20:50:24 CET 2021

Checked out DecentSampler a bit. What a project!!! Will be watching it. I 
ran its standalone without any bobble at all on my three-day-old Manjaro 
set up for Pipewire. Perhaps Arch is taking in a newer Juce? Although the 
particular warning looks GUI to me, maybe it's expecting something you 
don't have yet in Xorg or even Wayland conceivably. I'd probably try the 
vst2 and vst3 plugins next, see if that gets you working/testing.
Jonathan E. Brickman
jeb at ponderworthy.com <mailto:jeb at ponderworthy.com> 
Jeanette C. wrote:
Hey hey,
I just installed DecentSampler for Linux, trying to use the standalone 
version. I'm running ArchLinux.
Running the standalone program results in a segmentation fault. Trying gdb 
on it, gives me this warning about Juce:
0x00000000008208c8 in 
juce::Rectangle<int>, bool, bool, bool, bool) ()
Not being familiar with Juce and all intimacies, I wonder if someone here 
might suggest a cause or even better a solution. I just installed Juce 
version 6.1.2 . The DecentSampler version is 1.3.6 (just downloaded half an 
hour ago).
Best wishes and thanks for any hints,
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