[LAU] Electiric wind instrument on linux

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Oct 28 03:06:34 CEST 2021

On Wed, Oct 27, 2021 at 6:42 PM David Kastrup <dak at gnu.org> wrote:

> There will be fine points of configuration, probably in
> /etc/timidity/timidity.cfg .  You might also install the fluidsynth
> sound fonts and configure Timidity to use them.

There are no "fluidsynth soundfonts". Fluidsynth loads sample libraries
("sound fonts") in the SF2 format. There's nothing unique to Fluidsynth
about them - dozens if not hundreds of other tools can load them.

I am not sure why you'd mention Timidity in this context. Using fluidsynth
(or more likely, a GUI front end for it like QSynth) would in 2021, be a
more straightforward approach, I think.

I would also mention DecentSampler in this context. It is not libre
software but it is gratis, and it will give you easy access to playing with
dozens to hundreds of the growing number of libraries on pianobook.co.uk
(most of which, even the worst, will be notably more expressive than
typical SF2 libraries).

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