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Jeanette C. julien at mail.upb.de
Mon Sep 20 19:12:03 CEST 2021

Hey hey,
my latest track "real love" is inspired by Simon Collins' solo debut (All of 
who you are" and is probably an indie/electro pop ballad:
Direct OGG download:

It was said that this might be my best production yet, even with me spoiling 
the song by singing. :)
On the Linux side I used LinuxSampler with several free and commercial 
libraries and the usual production and recording software. Special credit 
should go to the TAP chorus, which is beautiful!

Lyrics follow below.

Best wishes,


*** Lyrics for "Real love" ***
Many a time - far at sea - you are my lifeline
With just the smile in your voice.
When events bare me down until I'm supine,
I feel your call and I have no choice
But to shoulder the weight of the world like a cloud...
Thus in fade I rejoice
With my feet on the ground and my heart reaching out...
Patiently listening to the lonely,
Solitude melts in your spell.
With wide open arms you never knowingly
Coax me like pearl from a shell.
The turmoil you cause, you will sooth with a laugh
Towards the storm...
Then you summon the light and the blue black above
is torn...

Hell is on fire
Heaven's burning bright.
'Cause now I aspire
To ask if you requite

My love (all my love)
To live outside a dream on safer ground
In your love (all your love)
To face our days
And make our ways
Hand in open hand...

Compassion alone shall bestow your noble birthright,
And thus give credence to you.
My princess, hold court with the timid and the forthright!
Joy will provide all that is due.
And together we serve with the creatures of earth
Where we stay.
And in kisses we share what a passion is worth
Day to day.
*** End of lyrics ***

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