[LAU] New Software: Tembro, All-in-one instrument (Sampler or Rompler)

Laborejo Software Suite info at laborejo.org
Sat Apr 16 17:20:41 CEST 2022

Hello list,

>Any way to tell it once and for all to NOT autoconnect to system:* ?

1) If you start Tembro via NSM there will be no connections made, at all.

2) If you start it standalone it will connect the auditioner port, which is very much intended, and the summing stereo channels. I consider both of these non-proaudio preview options, where you want quick results. The real ports, which are individual instrument outputs, are never auto-connected.

3) That said, to make this behaviour optional, saved in ~/.config and with a command line switch, is already on my todo list. Next release.

I hope this answers the questions.


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