[LAU] New Software: Tembro, All-in-one instrument (Sampler or Rompler)

Laborejo Software Suite info at laborejo.org
Sun Apr 17 22:33:42 CEST 2022

>Contrary to what you may think, setting up a system like this is quite
>common in 'proaudio'. Wich means it is absolutely insane to autoconnect
>any application that does not even have a volume control to such an output. 

I think it is possible to discuss this manner in a less agitated way.

Ardour has jack autoconnect, Qtractor has autoconnect. In Ardour for the very same usecase, which is even named the same: "Auditioner".

"Contrary to what you may think" this is not a bad comparison because one is a sampler and the others are DAWs. All of them produce sound, all of them have no sound ready when you start a new project. 

And Tembro indeed has volume controls. One for the auditioner port and a one for the mixer port, for each instrument.

The individual instrument outputs have no volume controls, and they are not autoconnected. 

>NOT connecting should be the default.  

I am not against this. But convenience and a quick setup *are* important.

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