[LAU] simple cd player

Sam Mulvey sam at vis.nu
Tue Aug 2 06:37:42 CEST 2022

On 7/30/22 12:08, karl at aspodata.se wrote:
> Old cd players just had play, eject, next, prev etc.
> and the cd drive had audio outputs.
> Now that cd drives is on sata, thoose audio outputs
> does not exist any more, so thoose programs doesn't
> work any more.
> Is that any current cd player that is simple like the
> old ones that works with current cd drives ?
> E.g. there is too many clicks in clementine to just
> play a cd.

We're working on something like this right now at KTQA, but it's a low 
priority project.

Basically, taking SATA optical players and connecting them to a small 
SBC with a handful of buttons and a display to create a CD experience 
our DJs will be familiar with.   We're assuming we'll have to write 
something custom against libmpv.

There's still a lot of broadcast CD players out there, but keeping them 
alive economically has been difficult.  Being able to use stock optical 
players we can essentially find all day-- and are still being 
manufactured-- will be a help in the future.


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