[LAU] XUiDesigner v0.4 released

Hermann Meyer brummer- at web.de
Thu Jul 7 13:25:05 CEST 2022

I'm pleased to announce the release v0.4 of XUiDesigner

A easy to use GUI generator/designer tool to create X11 based UI's for
LV2 plugins.

Inspired by Glade and QT Designer

XUiDesigner allow to generate alternative UI's for existing LV2 plugins
which could be installed and used parallel to the existing ones.

It allow as well to create full LV2 plugin bundles from scratch, were
only the dsp part needs to be done.

With this version, it allow to generate LV2 plugin bundles from faust
(*.dsp) files. Those could be simply drop on the XUiDesigner interface
and XUiDesigner will create the UI for it. The UI could be reworked when
needed (reorder the controls, implement colours or images, . . .) . Then
the complete Bundle could be saved. All what needs to be done then is
run |make && make install| on the bundle, to get the LV2 plug into the
preferred LV2 host.

Still this is in the beta stage, so there may be come changes which are
not backward compatible, but the generated LV2 bundles are all fully

Project page:





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