[LAU] How to troubleshoot a zita-njbridge connection

Giso Grimm gg3137 at vegri.net
Wed Nov 16 08:56:17 CET 2022

On 16.11.22 00:24, Caelia Chapin wrote:
> So, I am having an issue with zita-j2n ...
> I have a setup for streaming audio across my home network. There are two 
> Linux boxes involved, both running Arch Linux; both are connected by 
> Ethernet to the router (well, actually the broadband modem, which serves 
> as a router). One is my desktop computer (which I will call the client), 
> the other is a headless media server (which I will call the server). The 
> client machine has headphones, and the server has speakers. I need to be 
> able to send the output from arbitrary sound sources on the client to 
> either the headphones or the speakers. So I have Jack running on both 
> machines and need to send audio from client-side Jack to server-side 
> Jack. I also have an Alsa loopback interface setup on the client, 
> because I need to play music from programs that don't support Jack - e.g 
> Spotify or web-based sources like YouTube and Soundcloud (BTW, I am a 
> musician and sometimes use pro audio software on my desktop system, but 
> this particular setup is not for that - it's mainly just for listening 
> to music).
> I had a version of this setup that worked fine for several years, but it 
> used Jack1 with the network backend. But a few days ago it stopped 
> working for some reason ... anyway, long story, but I decided it was 
> time to switch to Jack2. And I saw that Jack2's network backend isn't 
> usable in the same way, so I decided to try zita-njbridge.
> So, I've more or less figured out how to do this, and have modified the 
> Python script that manages all the client-side components to use 
> zita-n2j. I can play music on the desktop machine and stream the output 
> to the server and hear it on the speakers. So, good. However, zita-j2n 
> crashes frequently (sometimes every 3-5 minutes) with the following message:
>      Fatal error condition, terminating.

As far as I understand the code, the only condition when this can occur 
in zita-j2n is when the jack buffer size changes, when the transmit 
network queue is full, or when the jack server is shutting down.



> I would like to find out what is causing these errors. The server-side 
> system seems solid: Jack and zita-n2j run continuously for several hours 
> with no apparent problems. So it seems likely that the cause of the 
> problem is either on the client machine or the network. Apparently 
> zita-n2j doesn't have a debug mode, so I don't know how to gather the 
> info I need to solve this. Any suggestions?
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