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Holger Dehnhardt holger at dehnhardt.org
Wed Oct 5 18:46:11 CEST 2022

Wow Jeanette,

thank you for taking so much time to listen to the songs and share your impressions. I did not expect this, even if I have already noticed that you comment basically very well-founded. I really appreciate it!

> thanks for sharing this album. The heavy, dragging tones underlying
> almost every piece were a pleasure to listen to. 

As a guitarist and tenor, of course I love the bass ;-) and had a lot of fun creating the sounds!

> I think my favourite is
> all of a sudden, which to me carries Russian melancholia as prominent in
> early 20th century composers such as Rachmaninov.

>From the sound and the quite simple structure, this is also my favorite song, emotionally it's a bit different...

> It's a pity that you always mixed your voice so quietly. Especially the
> polyphonic parts are very well done and open up the songs.

Here immediately you put the finger in the wound;-) (Is there such an expression in English?) 
It's almost impossible for me to mix my own voice. It is always too loud, too quiet, too thin, too thick, too sharp, too hollow ...
The difference between the 'inner and outer' sound is still hard to handle and I have missed a second pair of ears very much. 

> The sound design is very consistent. do I detect some leaning towards
> late 70s and 80s synth schools, like Kraftwerk? 

I grew up with the music of the 80s, probably that has left its marks ;-)

> Your vocals are
> reminiscent of Kraftwerk. I hope you'll take that as a compliment.

Come on, how could I take that as anything other than a compliment.
I saw Kraftwerk at Lollapalooza three years ago and even though they are even older than me they put on a pretty impressive and modern show ;-)

> All in all, a frefreshingly depressive experience,
"frefreshingly depressive " nice expression! If I ever become famous, I will trademark this - and you will get royalties;-)

> if a little too heavy
> handed in some of the arragements for my taste, but that is taste not
> objective criticism.

This in fact was intended. BTW I don't see criticism as bad.

> Thanks again 

Many many thanks again to you and 

> and don't be a stranger! :)

no, of course not! 

All the best


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