[LAU] [Music] Easy

Holger Dehnhardt holger at dehnhardt.org
Wed Oct 5 20:18:28 CEST 2022

Hi David,

I'm really impressed by the feedback in this list!

> Guess I must be weird, but it didn't seem depressing to me.

Let me say it Solomon: The sound originates in the ear of the listener ;-)
In fact I had a somewhat dark atmosphere in my mind as I love to listen to that kind of musik.

> Maybe I just
> like that style of music? I do really like Kraftwerk. Nowhere near as
> melancholic as Rachmaninoff!

However I am happy about both comparisons, even if I would never dare to make them myself.

> I have a couple of songs in my collection from a Russian band called
> AcousticBoot. The text in their band information in the old MPS3 is in
> some character set my system can't display! Band name "Àêóñòè÷åñêèå
> Áîòèíêè" and a song title "Êîãäà ìû áûëè íà âîéíå (íàðîä)" 

Hmmm, I tried just to pronounce this, but have failed miserably...

> ("When We
> Were On War" according to the English filename). They're much gloomier
> than yours!

In german we say: Was nicht ist kann noch werden - means "What is not yet can still become". Wait for my next songs;-)
Seriously, I'm not going to overdo it, but I like a certain melancholy in music.

> How did you make the instrument sounds?

In general? A lot of the bass sounds where done with Odin which I really like for that. The stepped LFO for example was the base for the intro sound in 'In der Nacht'. 
This DX7 like piano sound was made with ZyAddSubFX and I used it in some of the songs with slight modifications as some kind of 'signature' sound.
After I fell in love with the U-HE Diva, I used it for most of the pads and lead sounds. Even though it is not as flexible as ZynAdd, it is much faster to create sounds with it - at least I found it much easier. And when I did not come to he desired results, I fell back to ZynAdd.
All drums are done with the great great Geonkick.
But please don't ask for a strategy. Often I just played around, had an idea and found something completely different. So chance definitely has its share in the songs;-)

All the best


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