[linux-audio-dev] PTAF link and comments

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Feb 5 09:57:00 UTC 2003

>Sure, I know the problem only is present if we want to get user
>interactions. Drawing in itself never have been a problem.
>Naive question: did anybody try to create an executable with 2 threads. In
>the first thread you run a simple GTK application, in the second thread you
>run a simple QT app. Being each in its own thread, and opening their own
>XDisplay. Would this work or is it really time I got and get my pill?
>Sebastien (hoping XLib is not full of ugly global variables...)

this works for combinations of different toolkits. it doesn't work for
two threads each running the same toolkit. Xlib is mostly free of
globals, but the toolkits are not. the design also doesn't scale well.


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