[linux-audio-dev] regarding mobos and CPUs

Taybin Rutkin taybin at earthlink.net
Thu May 6 14:19:28 UTC 2004

What is the problem with JACK and AMD cpus?  I haven't heard of one.

Personally, I have an nvidia nforce2 motherboard which has worked fairly well for me.


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  A client has asked me to get some opinions regarding AMD CPUs and 
recommended motherboards. He's planning to replace an SMP system that 
has apparently never worked quite right. He doesn't want another SMP 
mobo, and a friend is advising him to go with a uniprocessor system 
built around a recent AMD CPU. The recent JACK problem with AMD CPUs was 
a revelation for me: I'd never had any problems with AMD chips, but now 
I'm feeling reluctant to recommend them. Am I just being paranoid, or 
are there  particular reasons to go with Intel instead of AMD ? My 
client is considering a P4 instead of the AMD, hence this infoquest...

  Also, what's a recommended motherboard ? Are there any mobos that 
should definitely be avoided ?

  TIA for any help you guys can proffer, it's much appreciated.

Best regards,


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