[linux-audio-user] x-11

Brian Redfern bredfern at calarts.edu
Tue Apr 22 15:12:01 EDT 2003

Actually I think punk sounds better lo-fi, its a lot better than my old
punk bands audio-cassette recordings from '91, and you can do tricks like
pre-process the vocals through something like a cheap second-hand kaoss


On Tue, 22 Apr 2003, Daniel James wrote:

> I've just put up 12 demo tracks that were recorded with Audacity on Linux and 
> an SB Live. They are mostly first-take recordings with few effects. Not pro 
> quality by any means, but I think it proves any band could now record demos 
> using Linux on basic equipment, burn them to CD and make oggs etc.   
> http://x-11.info/
> Cheers
> Daniel

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