[linux-audio-user] ALSA Modular question?

Nick Tsocanos nicktsocanos at charter.net
Thu Apr 24 19:15:01 EDT 2003

I think AMS is cool. I am having only one problem with it, I believe it
has something to do with my soundcard. Sometimes patches will explode
into violent noises (even the ones that are demos). I am going to play
with the --frag option and see if it is that. 

I might try it with Jack, but I am afraid of powerful Demons :) I have
mangled many Linux installations by hacking around with programs I
didn't understand or messing with configurations without knowing what
they were. I use this machine as my only computer, I really don't want
to lose it all and have to reinstall everything. It took a while to get
it setup this way.  I will wait until someone puts up a Jack HOW-TO that
is more extensive and explains it so that regular users can use it
without fear. Until than I just consider it experimental but I am very
interested in it and want to use it more. 

The words Low-Latency and Professional Audio are very captivating.. but
I tread lightly with powerful real-time demon programs. I have learned
from experience. I would program it more.. but, the whole process puts
the willies in me... anything running as root makes me nervous.  Not
that I fear Jack is defective, I fear what I am doing is defective..
so... that is why I don't mess with it too much and have a neurosis
about it. I have seen Linux die because of something stupid I did

But so far ALSA is really very good and I have no problems using it at
all. I have figured out the MIDI sequencer pretty well, I am going to
make some HOW-TO's so people can program it. There isn't very much
information about ALSA Sequencer programming. I found a few small demo
programs and that was enough to dig into the API and figure it out. I
think Dr. Mattias was the author, now that I think of it. That and
reading the API headers I figured out how to program it. 

I joined the AMS list so I will see you there.

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