[linux-audio-user] Compile shaketracker

jordan muscott morsecode at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Sep 14 17:47:01 EDT 2003

Gerrit Niestijl wrote:

>A few months ago someone on this list managed to compile shaketracker
>with gcc-3.x. He offered to make a patch if anyone was interested. Is
>that offer still valid? I am on redhat 9 (planet), and i have no
>skills to get there myself.

That person was me. Unfortunately I am going to be away for a week, but 
I'll dig up the sources when I get back. IIRC, I might need to tidy a 
few nasty hacks in order to get it to compile on other peoples machines.

regards, Jordan.

ps feel free to remind me off list in a week or so if you don't hear 

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