[linux-audio-user] Re: Gnome Wave Cleaner

Mike Jewell mj405 at oneupaudio.com
Thu Aug 11 10:41:55 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-08-10 at 12:16 -0700, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
> > > 
> > It seems like my dependency problems are because the various package
> > metadata (.pc) files don't exist.  After getting the source and
> > rebuilding them (libsndfile and fftw), the .pc files were now in place
> > (/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig) and the gwc build successfully got past those
> > points.
> Hmmm, that may have solved the problem right now but it is not good in
> the long term. You just installed a second copy of, for example,
> libsndfile, in a different place in your filesystem (/usr/local instead
> of /usr as installed by the rpm). 

Yes.  I thought that seemed odd.  Thanks for verifying.
***What's the correct way to un-install them now?***

> You should have installed the development packages:
>   apt-get install libsndfile-devel fftw3-devel
> They are part of the Planet CCRMA repository. 
> This may not be a problem now but it will/can when packages are upgraded
> in Planet CCRMA and become out of sync with the development files you
> have. 

Makes sense.

> > So, why do I not have the .pc metadata files in my FC3 even though the
> > actual library files were there (in /usr/lib) all along?  Is this what
> > Fernando is talking about when
> > 
> > Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
> > 
> > > I did not follow the whole thread, but... most probably there is
> > > nothing
> > > "missing" as gnome is installed and all libraries are there
> > > (probably).
> > > You may not be aware that most packages that deal with libraries that
> > > can be used for development are split into two packages, the "normal"
> > > one has all the libraries that programs that were built with this
> > > dependency need to run, and then another package usually named
> > > "xxx-devel" that has the stuff you need to actually _build_ packages
> > > that need that particular library. If you are missing something try to
> > > install NAME_OF_MISSING_LIBRARY-devel (if you find the "base" package,
> > > of course, otherwise you will need both). 
> Yup...
OK.  It's starting to make sense.

> > This reminds me that when I installed FC3 from CCRMA, I choose NOT to
> > install any of the "Development" packages like:
> > "Development Tools"
> > "X Software Development"
> > "Gnome Software Development"
> > etc
> > 
> > Would installing these have prevented these dependency problems?
> It depends on what you want to compile. 
> > I thought I'd try to go back and add them from the FC3 CDs but when I
> > check them and say "go" I get a "Packages Not Found" error pop-up saying
> > installation cannot continue because a bunch of packages could not be
> > found like netpbm, xorg-x11-libs, glib2, pygtk2, gtk2.  So now I can't
> > even add packages from the original FC3 CDs I installed from.   8^(
> Using which program? The "Add/Remove Applications" in the Fedora menu?
> Did you install from the original Fedora cdroms? That should work, I
> guess.

No.  I just put in the original FC3 CD #1 I downloaded from CCRMA and
originally installed on my machine and ran autorun to get the "Add or
Remove Packages" window which, after picking "Forward" a couple of times
and picking the "Gnome Software Development" package, for instance,
produced the "Packages Not Found" error.

> If you have the standard URL's in your apt sources.list configuration
> file all those packages should be installable through apt-get. 
> If you want to compile something and it complains about software being
> missing, for example, glib2, then see if you have the development
> package installed:
>   rpm -q glib2-devel
> if not then try to install it:
>   apt-get install glib2-devel
> -- Fernando

I'll take another look at it using your suggestions.
Thanks again.

Mike Jewell
One-Up Audio

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