[linux-audio-user] Digital mixer advice

Paul Coccoli pcoccoli at gmail.com
Tue May 24 10:18:43 EDT 2005

On 5/24/05, Nick Torenvliet <torenvliet at bmts.com> wrote:
> My hardware is a 2.26GHz PIV and an ASSUS MOBO, SBLIVEEMU101K, 512MB RAM
> and old cheap everything else.  I find I can have disk XRUN problems
> with four tracks of audio and 48ksampling... knocking down the sampling
> rate helps... using any video card related function... like moving the
> mixing panel... doesn't help :)  I've got lots of guitars... amps...
> basses bongos etc. and an old roland synth.
> Will using flux box instead of GNOME see me an improvement in my audio
> performance.

On my RH9 PlanetCCRMA box, I would see sometimes see xruns under GNOME
recording just one track.  Rather than figure out the problem, I
installed XFCE, set up it in way that suited me (taskbar in the panel,
menu of commonly used audio apps on the panel, etc.).  No more
trouble.  openbox (similar to fluxbox) also worked, but wasn't a
comfortable environment (mostly because, without lots of tweaking,
everything is done through root menus, but the root window on my
desktop is NEVER visible).

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