[linux-audio-user] professional audio measurement with linux???

sonicx sonicx_ at gmx.net
Fri Oct 14 10:46:54 EDT 2005

i was wondering if it is possible,and usuable, to make precise pressure 
and frequency messurements using linux. ie. to test high-end speakers.i 
somehow guess so,but what do i need? can i use my 
mic+soundcard+alsa+somemeasurementproggi ? i am looking for an 
inexpensive but precise solution to test the speakers i am planning to 
build at home and without an oscilloscope or such equip which i could 
never ever afford right at the start of production. i have a decent 
machine with fine running sound support-i thought of maybe just pushing 
some pink-noise (i just believe that this is what a "rosa-rauschen" is 
called) to the speakers without any changes to that noise, while 
recording it with a pretty good mic,centered right in front of the 
speaker with 1m between. some tests outside and some in different rooms. 
then i would take some kind of snd-like proggi to view the data and form 
it (somehow) to a nice graph.well several nice graphs. but right now i 
dont think that this method would give me any reliable results,as mic 
amp and my sound-sys may of course have their one characteristica of 
sound and so may make any speaker-only data unusuable. i hope someone 
has some ideas for me,as i have _no_ plan whatsoever about "real" 
measurement-cards in linux,or if i need one at all...some rough 
directions please?

as i dont know what a propiate software might be named i didnt even find 
a hint. i though found some measurement cards and drivers for em-but i 
couldnt even guess what to measure these would be for =). im willing to 
try even the most complicated stuff,as long as it wont cost that much 
bucks. and it would be nice if i could go on with my 2.4.9EL kernel-as 
my realizm-drivers only work with this flavor.

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