[linux-audio-user] Theremin

Frode Haugsgjerd froh at fsb.gotdns.org
Tue Sep 6 09:20:22 EDT 2005

tir, 06,.09.2005 kl. 10.53 +0100, skrev james at dis-dot-dat.net:
> Hi peeps.
> After trying to simulate the sound of a theremin in a track a little
> while ago, I decided that I needed a better way to make this kind of
> sound.
> I intend to build one at some point, but until I get chance to do
> that, I've been making a software one.
> I'll release an early version very soon - as soon as I've fixed a few
> things.
> Before I do that, though, here is what it's sounding like.
> http://dis-dot-dat.net/th_1.ogg
> It's a totally dry sound, so you can tell what it's really doing, but
> it sounds really nice with some reverb and echo, thanks to jack-rack.
> It's using a plain old sine wave at the moment, which theremins in
> real life don't, but I may change that later.

You probably saw this already, but here is some (windows) software:
Frode Haugsgjerd

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