[linux-audio-user] intel core 2 duo and amd turion 64x2

david gnome at hawaii.rr.com
Sat Mar 10 23:50:47 EST 2007

Frank wrote:
> david wrote:
>> carmen wrote:
>>> On Fri Mar 09, 2007 at 07:43:00PM -1000, david wrote:
>>>> ljc at internet.com.uy wrote:
>>>>> hello list, i intend to buy a new laptop, and i'm undecided
>>>>> <snip>
>>> if Apple is selling a notebook for $1099 and HP is selling the same
>>> thing for $599, i'd get the HP - call me crazy
>> HP is NOT selling the same quality as Apple. You get what you pay for.
> If you're in the habit of occasionally challenging your preconceptions 
> do this little experiment:  Visit Dell, just for convenience - or pick 
> another if you wish, and configure a laptop with the same features and 
> specs as a MacBook Pro - ignore the elegance of the OS and its heart of 
> BSD...even ignore the simplicity and speed with which it runs multiple 
> GNU/Linux distros in nothing more difficult or risky than a simple file 
> constituting a Parallels Desktop VM, and get back to us with either a 
> verification of your comparison factor or a new-found appreciation for 
> the value of opinions based upon verifiable facts.

My opinion of HP/Compaq is based on my verifiable experience with them. 
Not a preconception.

My experience with Dell - having spent 11 years on a corporate Help Desk 
during the time the corporation switched from IBM Thinkpads to Dell 
laptops - is also based on facts. The number of hardware problems 
reported to the help desk for Dell laptops was five times higher than we 
had reported for the IBM laptops. Even OLD Thinkpads had fewer problem 
reports than NEW Dell laptops.

That may have changed since IBM is no longer the quality determiner for 
their old brand.

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