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Steel Side steelside at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 10:03:26 EDT 2008

I quite fancy PulseAudio, it's nowhere near jack thou, as the delay is
awful. Perhaps i have just got it misconfigured (pretty much standard
setup), but it's a system which works for me to route ALL sound applications
through it.
I had some hard time trying to get my sound to work simultaenously with
multiple applications, but pulse solved that (Only exception is a recent
build of w(h)ine which bitches about not being able to open neither the oss
padded one, esd, or alsa. And quakewars). But ofcourse it came with a price:
roughly 1 second delay when it is filling/emptying it's buffers.
[Video/visual is not affected thou.. for some reason it still goes in sync
with it.]
Also, it doesn't seem to do good under my realtime kernel, it
hangs/freezes/crashes every now and then, even thou it's supposed to be able
to run in some kind of realtime mode.
Odd is also that the SDL standard driver for pulse gives loads of static
sound and what sounds like xruns. So can't say it's that much supported by
it's official sound driver/w/e to call it. It's better at emulating esd

//Cincerly SteelSide
//Mvh Daniel
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