[LAU] lmms static through jackd

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Sun Oct 11 08:55:52 EDT 2009

Ray Rashif wrote:
> >Prettifying its UI ought to be a secondary consideration until 
> reliable audio stability is achieved.
> There is an unnecessary amount of assumption and indirect hostility here.

Because I value audio integrity and stability over UI considerations in 
an audio application ?! It's a critique, Ray, it's not a condemnation.

I'm surprised by your comment, and I think you're reading too much into 
my own. I bear no hostility towards the LMMS project, I reviewed it 
positively and critically. Would you deny that it has serious, even 
show-stopping problems re: its Linux audio support ?

And btw, I've also been following LMMS development since its 
announcement, occasionally trying it out on various systems. I'll soon 
be testing its Windows version, it'll be interesting to note the 
performance characteristics under XP.

> They are not "prioritising" the "prettification" over pressing issues, 
> but they simply do not have solutions. When there is no solution to a 
> pressing issue, one doesn't "wait it out". If there are other areas 
> where improvement can be made and an external party is taking the 
> initiative (someone volunteered to redesign the UI), then would you 
> not, as a developer, entertain that effort?

Of course. I would also take the time to respond fully to criticism that 
points out the deficiencies of the program.

> Or would you rather tell the initiator to "wait until we solve those" 
> when you don't even have a "due-in-version"?

Frankly, if I'm writing an audio app then I would make sure that 
critical audio issues receive the bulk of my attention. From what I've 
gleaned from the discourse here, I'd conclude that the LMMS devs do want 
to improve their JACK support, but they don't know how. The LAD and JACK 
mail lists exist for just such a purpose, perhaps the LMMS devs can be 
directed to those lists for the assistance they need.

Btw, there's been some discussion about funding LMMS development on 
Linux Musicians in the Recorders & Sequencer forum:


Interesting reading.



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