[LAU] The democratization on music might not always be a good thing...

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Thu Nov 4 22:59:29 UTC 2010

fons at kokkinizita.net wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 04, 2010 at 02:27:43PM -0400, Paul Davis wrote:
>> I suggest watching the end minute or two of this (starting at 07:36):
> Apart from learning about Mr. Eno's ways to deal with illegal copying, 
> I found this utterly boring. But the video does have some merits: it
> is one of the best examples I've recently seen of
> * how not to conduct an interview,
> * how not to film it,
> * absolutely lousy editing.
> It' a miracle they got the sound and the colors more or less
> right. But I missed the potted plant between the camera and Eno,
> as the Dutch TV VPRO used to do some 35 years ago. It was funny
> then. 
> Ciao,

If nothing else, it shows (a) that Eno has a sense of humour and doesn't 
take himself too seriously (previously I had my doubts) and (b) an 
interesting viral marketing campaign.

As for the editing, well, how else could it have been done when Eno is 
clearly interviewing himself? The style of editing is no doubt a comment 
on the sort of pretentious artsy interviews it's sending up, as much as 
the "style" of interview is. Whoosh.

I saw this yesterday and was about to turn it off as it was so 
cringe-inducing when the penny dropped -- after that, it was utterly 
hilarious :-D

It'll no doubt do wonders for the website traffic of the real Pork 
Magazine: www.porkmag.com -- totally suitable for work, if you're a 
butcher. Unless it's only me that was sad enough to see whether it 
really existed :-)


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